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Learning to count can be enjoyed with these amazing trays.


These number trays support the maths mastery approach of exploring and demonstrating using objects and numbers to enrich learning and deepen understanding. Little one’s can collect objects and place them in the trays which match the numerical value.


Each tray is a different size, getting larger as the number increases to allow more items to be placed and counted.


Great for providing little one’s with a place to play and build a strong sense of number. Ideal for exploring counting, number bonds and mathematical language of more than and less than by placing the trays in order allowing for the development of ordering/sequencing. Also, the trays could be used to support the concept of addition and subtraction and the associated language.


Tracing the routed number supports early writing skills your little one needs to experience and play with numbers in many forms, using all types of objects and in different patterns. Your little one should be able to relate the number name to the a physical quantity of items and know what that number looks like written.


This set includes 9 wooden trays with numbers from 1 through to 9.


Handmade in Turkey. Due to the natural grains of wood, appearance and finishes will vary from those pictured. It is produced with organic oils that comply with EN71 standards.


Wood Type: Walnut-Linden
Approx Size: 10cm-21cm-25cm


Age: 2Y+

Oyuncak House Wooden Number Tray


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