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Inspired by children
Child in trendy clothes stands on a step

Joia Collective was inspired by my toddler boy Jacob Luca who loves to spend most of his time outdoors in nature, loves to observe how things work and loves to read.

When Jacob was born, I started reading about the importance of play and nature inspired play. I started searching for toys that he could use in more than one way and that had a unique educational purpose. Toys that wouldn’t end up in the landfill, but that could be passed on or at least kept for a long time and that could grow with him.

I came across so many small beautiful and unique brands of eco-friendly and fair trade toys and gifts all across the world that are trying to make a difference in our world by creating toys without batteries that can be used in so many ways and increase your child’s creativity.

Toys that are so beautiful they mix right in with your decor and on top of that, don’t harm our planet.

Join me in enhancing our children’s play experiences and sparking more joy in our homes and in doing so, give back to our planet. We hope you love our selection as much as we do.



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