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We know that talking about some topics with children can be complex; This is why we created, together with the company "Growth", this tool that will allow them to start conversations in which children will be able to better express sensations and ideas about what they live in an experience as important as... School.


People who have detailed love maps are much more prepared to deal with conflict and deal with difficult times.


This is why it is very important that we take the time to have real conversations to get to know each other better and know how to support each other as a family.



- 20 illustrated cards to talk about school
- 100% Illustrated Product
- Languages: Spanish and English
- Measurements: 14x10 cm
- Content: 20 cards


Age: 2Y+


An Introduction to Kocodio Flash Cards:

Didactic and educational cards for learning and developing children's creativity, used to acquire various knowledge through reading images and words. Flash Cards are ideal for your children to learn by playing!

Kocodio FC Hablemos de el Colegio


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