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Thirty-six cones in 3 shades of orange from Grapat.


Add some relief and colour to your imaginative play or mandala's. Lay them out in patterns on their own, or add them to other Grapat mandala components. These simple cone shaped pieces that can be used for mandala making and other creative forms of play. Children will naturally play, make shapes and patterns as well as counting and sorting. Add cones to small world play scenes and incorporate with other wooden toys.


A Mandala is a circular form of art that can be used to enhance mindfullness and can be enjoyed by all. Simply create a circular shape with repeated patterns. Grapat mandala pieces can be used on their own or in conjunction with other art like drawing, items from nature, shapes in the sand or anything you wish. Creating a mandala is a form of meditation and a lovely way to for children to concentrate.


Age: 3Y+


An Introduction to Grapat:

No instructions needed. Grapat Wooden Toys are designed to throw out the rules and allow children’s own imaginations to run wild! Born from the desire of wanting sustainable, quality and creative toys for their daughter, Grapat is a small, family-owned company in the countryside of Spain. Made from alder, lime, beech and maple, each piece is painted by hand with water-based, non-toxic dyes in colors inspired by nature - shades of blue water droplets...the yellow of a honeycomb...the pink of a flower in bloom.

Grapat Mandala Orange Cones

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