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Crayon Rocks are all natural soy wax crayons made from USA grown soybeans and colored with mineral pigments.

The colors are vibrant and can be layered to make beautifully textured art work.

Designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in a way that feels natural for children, crayon rocks will prepare small fingers and hands for handwriting down the road with a fun and painless, enthusiastic approach.

A really good crayon should take very little effort in applying great swaths of color to the paper.

In fact, that crayon should be as much like paint as possible. Rich color that goes on smoothly and easily helps little fingers to grow strong as they spill their creative ideas onto paper.The shape allows small fingers to color in large, wide strokes creating pictures rich in color.

Used by occupational therapists to develop fine motor skills and will help children with grip strength problems and disorders effecting fine motor control. Something to use AND enjoy.


  • Made from U.S.A. grown and processed Kosher soy wax and several other organic waxes such as carnauba.
  • Colourants are derived from minerals.
  • Filler, which gives the crayon its body, is a natural ground up rock.
  • NO phthalates
  • Certified non-toxic and conforms to ASTM 4236.
  • CPSIA compliant.


Age: 18M + (under supervision - choking hazard)

Crayon Rocks USA 64 pcs


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