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Come on, let's paint the world in the colours of the rainbow. With this colourful building blocks set, creativity is rediscovered. The bright colours and the simple design leave a lot of space for imagination. As a great addition to this fab bundle, you can get the balance board “Confetti”.


Stapelstein stands for:


* SIT, together in a circle. Make high or low chairs, and choose your own color.


* LEARN the colours, or start stacking and let the children count how many stacking stones they are.


* PLAY, by making large (or small) structures. Stack them, sort them, hide them, or play "The fodder is lava". There are endless playing possibilities.


* BALANCE by placing the Stacking Stones one end apart. A different challenge can be chosen for each age.



  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Communication skills
  • Balance
  • Gross motor skills
  • Body awareness
  • Social skills



  • Classic Rainbow: 6 building blocks + 1 balance board
  • Classic Rainbow: 6 building blocks
  • Pastel Rainbow: 6 building blocks + 1 balance board
  • Pastel Rainbow: 6 building blocks


Building blocks are all different colors. The balance board is confetti color.



100% recyclable, EPP - innovative, light material, free of propellants, plasticizers and completely without additives; water, saliva and bite resistant; heat and UV resistant.



  • Building blocks Ø 27 cm, height 12 cm
  • Balance board Ø 35,5 cm, height 8,4 cm


Maximum capacity per building block: 180 kg


Made in Germany


Age: 1Y +

Stapelstein Rainbow Building Blocks

  • Pre-ordered items have a varied delivery date. If you have any questions, please contact us

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