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Through the roulettes or vowel spinners we seek to facilitate a good learning of vowels by children, making this process educational and meaningful for them.



- 5 roulettes or spinners

- Product 100% illustrated and waterproof

- Language: Spanish and English

- Measurements: 15 cm in diameter

- Content: 5 roulettes or spinners


Each vowel contains 5 illustrations.


A vowel (almond, anchor, atlas, armor, and alarm)

E vowel (elephant, riser, emerald, emu, and eclipse)

I vowel (island, injection, igloo, bug, and iguana)

O vowel (ocean, oyster, orchid , obstacle and oval)

U vowel (unicorn, uniform, udder, ukulele and universe)


Age: 3Y+

Kocodio Spinners Vocales


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