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Sparking joy with nature inspired play & gifts 💫

Colored Kids Toys

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in the child's soul.” - Friedrich Froebel


Waldorf toys are open-ended, simple, inspired by nature and designed to promote learning through imaginative, fantasy play.

Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board Blue with kid
A girl playing with a wooden toy ferris wheel


Montessori toys stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment - a toy that they can hold and touch, as learning to manipulate objects is key in helping children develop their fine motor skills - and give them the opportunity to work independently at their own pace and use their creativity.

Our curated selection

We came across so many small beautiful and unique brands of sustainable toys and gifts all across the world that are trying to make a difference in our world by creating toys without batteries that can be used in so many ways, increase your child’s creativity, toys that are so beautiful they mix right in with your decor and on top of that, don’t harm our planet.

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