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We founded Joia with one goal in mind; providing educational toys that are crafted from premium and non-toxic material, that ignites your child's creativity and that evolves alongside them as they grow. We understand that play is a child most potent teacher and that providing the right tools to the child will help the child unlock its potential. What sets us apart is our dedication to collaborating with brands that are deeply committed to sustainability.

Welcome to our website, where every choice is a step to a brighter, more mindful future.

multiple wooden toys simulating several people

Sparking joy with nature inspired play & gifts 💫


Waldorf toys are open-ended, simple, inspired by nature and designed to promote learning through imaginative, fantasy play.



Montessori toys stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment - a toy that they can hold and touch, as learning to manipulate objects is key in helping children develop their fine motor skills - and give them the opportunity to work independently at their own pace and use their creativity.

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Our Curated Selection

Our collection is sourced from across the globe. We take pride in partnering  with small, family owned  businesses that hold quality, environmental stewardship and  the joy of play in high regard.  Many of our offerings are lovingly handcrafted by hand and hand painted, exemplifying the artistry of play. Our range spans from newborns to 12 year olds.

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