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Sweet Caroline Confections: The Original Sparkle Lollipops!


It all started in 2012. Sweet Caroline Confections was certainly a sweet accident! The Founder was making semi-precious jewelry while working 6 years in private banking. She made lollipops to give away at a jewelry show. Surprisingly, she received dozens of orders for the lollipops that very day! She became self employed within 6 months and the company now works out of a 3,000 sq ft facility and storefront in Denver CO.

Sweet Caroline Confections specializes in custom hard candy lollipops that are perfect for any occasion! High quality, small batch, handcrafted candies are their passion!

Current Designs:

  • Daisy Gold (mangarin orange flavor)
  • Butterfly (guava flavor)
  • Watercolor Heart (strawberry flavors)
  • Gold Moon & Blue Star (marshmellow flavor)
  • Gold Unicorn (strawberry flavor)
  • Easter Bunny (marshmellow flavor)

Sweet Caroline Lollipops

PriceFrom ƒ11,50

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