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The world is full of colors and shapes that can be quite a challenge and burden to a baby's developing brain.


Between 0 and 6 months of age, the eyes and their structures are still in the process of formation, as is the ability to concentrate. Therefore, it is very important to provide spaces for the baby, through our high-contrast cards, to support and accompany the healthy development of his brain.



- 27 high-contrast images illustrated on cards

- 100% Illustrated Product

- Languages: Spanish and English

- Measurements: 14x10 cm

- Content: 27 card


Kite, dots, squares, squares and triangles, bear, diagonal lines, stairs, waves, ripples, spiral, vertical lines, lion, stars, horizontal lines, circles, chess, halves, mines, sun, ball, bee, butterfly, dog , cat, triangles, rocket and ladybug.


Age: 0M+


An Introduction to Kocodio Flash Cards:

Didactic and educational cards for learning and developing children's creativity, used to acquire various knowledge through reading images and words. Flash Cards are ideal for your children to learn by playing!

Kocodio FC Alto Contraste


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