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The best adventures are the ones that end in the shade of our Large Oak. The perfect centerpiece for all playscapes. The Bumbu Large Oak Tree Green can be a resting spot for your weary birds, the perfect spot to hide your treasure or a starting point in why protecting our forests is so important. This time a woodpecker decided it's strong branches are the perfect place for a new home, join her on the biggest adventure in anyones life, her chicks are ready to hatch.


Dimensions: 27cm x 6cm x 34cm


The product is made of solid wood, minimally processed to retain as much of its natural texture and properties as possible. Unlike plastic, wood is an uneven natural material that frequently shows growth rings or knots, colour stains or rough areas. These are not defects and do  not constitute reason to replace the product - they are distinctive signs that guarantee the natural origin of the product and give uniqueness to each toy, telling the story of the tree from which it was made



Bumbu Large Oak Tree Green

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